Making the most of Marseille

When thinking of Marseille, a cute little French town probably won’t come to mind.  Well that’s kind of right. Marseille is more to be known as a harbour-city. But let me introduce a little more of Marseille to you. Marseille is indeed located at a large harbour, with ferries going back and forth to Northern […]

A Dutchie Down Under #2

Hi, Lianne here! Here’s a new update about my life in Australia and the weird thing I encounter. Enjoy your weekend and this posts.  Houses For as far as I know there are no row houses here, even in the city centre people live in detached houses or flats. Parks are much more common in […]

A Dutchie Down Under #1

Hi everyone, let me introduce you to my sister-in-law Lianne, who just moved to pretty much the furthest place a Dutch person can go from home: eastern Australia. To be precise, she now lives in Brisbane and will be studying here for the upcoming year. I thought it would be fun to let you guys […]

Niet overslaan: de foodhall van Lissabon

Lissabon Je leest het goed: er zijn meer foodhallen in de wereld dan in alleen ons landje. Wij hebben er namelijk laatst een ontdekt in de Portugese hoofdstad Lissabon en deze mag je zeker niet overslaan bij een bezoekje aan deze leuke stad. Portugal Je hebt ze wellicht voorbij zien komen: de Portugese plogs van […]

Portugal Plog #7 [The final one]

The last day of Portugal Plog has arrived. It is day seven of eight and this is our last day that we can actually DO something in Portugal. Tomorrow we’re flying home to The Netherlands… this will be in the morning so we have no time left really but to have breakfast and head to […]

Portugal plog #6

This is already the 6th day! It goes by so fast. It feels like I’ve only been here for like three days or so. So little time, so much to do. But to waste not any time of you, I’ll tell you about what our day included on this ‘almost’ last day in Portugal. This […]

Portugal plog #5

Goodmorning! Today is going to be a loooongg day for us, because we’re going to Lisbon!! It is going to be the first time for Rogier visiting this city and for me it’s going to be the third. Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been in this city so many times! Pretty awesome to be honest.  […]

Portugal plog #4

We’ve already finished 50% of our week here in Portugal! Times really flies when you’re having fun. But we’re still going strong, because time is precious and there’s still so much left to see and do. Today we set our alarm clock a little bit earlier then the days before, because the weather should be […]