Thank you for wanting to know who’s behind the website. Below you’ve got the faces behind the posts.

This website is made to write down our stories about the travels we've made. With these stories we hope to inspire you and make you want to pack your bags right now and book your next trip.
We will give you tips for travelling, tell you where to go and where not, show you the best photo's we have and make sure you will have the best time on your next destination. If you have questions about locations, safety in certain countries or just want to know where to eat, leave a message and we’ll reply with as much information as possible.



Merlin is the founder of Tales of Travelling and takes credit for most of the posts. She is brought up travelling the world and because she was always giving advice to friends on where to go, she thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to share it with the world as well. With her love for writing this blog was born. 

Laura is Merlin’s best friend and is more familiar with countries outside of Europe. She has been to places like Peru, the USA and has lots of family in Singapore, which she tries to visit as much as possible. Last year she chose to do her internship in none other than the Indonesian island Bali.