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A Dutchie Down Under #2

Hi, Lianne here!
Here’s a new update about my life in Australia and the weird thing I encounter.
Enjoy your weekend and this posts. 



For as far as I know there are no row houses here, even in the city centre people live in detached houses or flats. Parks are much more common in the cities then back home. Another funny thing I encountered is that the ground floor is regarded as floor 1, whereas in the Netherlands it would be floor 0. This caused me to end up on the wrong floor one time.
Here in Brisbane I live, like many others, in a Queenslander house. It is a house made of wood, with just one floor on pillars. They are not insulated at all, which is in line with the lifestyle around here. Most people live their life outside, where there are a lot of free public Barbies (Barbeques). That brings me to another point of discussion, the Aussie slang. They abbreviate everything.  I’ve began to learn some words, but what I was most confused by was ‘thongs’. I was just chatting with my housemate, when she said: ‘I used to wear thongs all day, every day’. Well that’s a little too much information right? But ‘thongs’ means flip flops in Aussie slang. You learn something every day!


I recently received my bank pass, to my surprise it was a Mastercard. They don’t know any other bankcards then credit cards here.
About cash, the 10 and 20 dollar banknotes are confusing, because the colours precisely the other way around as in Europe (10 is blue, 20 is red). The coins are weird in sizes, the smallest coin is worth the most, which is not logical to me at all. They do have pictures of animals on them though (tails). As well as Queen Elizabeth II on the other side (heads).

The Queen’s birthday is a public holiday here, though they celebrate it on another date (any date that comes in handy actually). So it might just be 3 weeks after her actual birthdate.

Well that was it for this week. I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for the next!

G’day and Cheers from Brissie.

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