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Granada’s breakfast club

What’s a better wake up then starting your day in the morning sun with a cup of coffee and a delicious croissant? I don’t think there is one, right? Well if you’re looking for this kind of mornings … this cute restaurant in Granada is your go to place.

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At Plaza de Bib-Rambla,15 you’ll find this very cute and modern restaurant, called Bistro Granada, where it’s actually quite busy in the morning.. No wonder when amazingly large croissants greet you when you enter the place. Order a large zumo de naranja (fresh orange juice) and a coffee to get your day started. When the weather is good, make sure to get yourself a table on the terrace to soak up some sun and secretly watch people walk by.

Besides the nice and good English speaking staff, the interior is one of a kind. Right at the entrance is an old motorbike placed from the ceiling. It’s really cool. The diner is kind of separated in two areas so you can choose wherever you want to sit. In the more crowded, or in the more quiet area.

If you’re not able to go there for breakfast, than try the lunch menu. Not the least I can tell you.
I hope that whenever you have the chance to visit this beautiful city, the sun will be out and you can have the ultimate Granada breakfast (or lunch) time! Enjoy!
More about Granada coming soon.

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