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Portugal plog #6

This is already the 6th day! It goes by so fast. It feels like I’ve only been here for like three days or so. So little time, so much to do. But to waste not any time of you, I’ll tell you about what our day included on this ‘almost’ last day in Portugal.

This morning we decided to not set an alarm clock at all. Yesterday was an early one and we got home so late, so we needed our rest more than ever. So after a good night sleep we woke up, had breakfast. Perfect as usual (I love breakfast).And a set of tennis of course, we went to the beach of Obidos.

The beach shores are so incredible beautiful here. With on one side: story high waves and amazing rock formations on the other side. We walked around for quite a bit and were in total awe of nature’s beauty! Lucky for us, there we hardly any other people. To be precise: we only saw three people lying on the beach.

We decided to head for luch and later return home when some fog hit the shore and the sun went away.
At home we had some relaxing hours. I finally had to chance to read some magazines (I brought four with me and still haven’t finished one), listen to music and do some sun bathing.

For diner we went to an odd kind of restaurant. It was a meat restaurant so pretty much a no go for vegetarians. The concept of the restaurant is that first off all you order the kind of meat you would like to eat. You can choose between chicken, bull, veal and pork. Second you choose what you’d like to eat with the meat: rice, potatoes, vegetables etc. To be honest, it was not my cup of tea. I’d rather be able to pick a dish instead of this kind of ordering. It was quite weird and meat is never my ‘main’ subject in a dish. But if this is your thing, I’d highly recommend it. The staff was great and the food good. The place is called Taberna do Manelvina and is located in Caldas da Rainha. Back home we had some wine and called it a day.IMG_4943

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