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Portugal Plog #7 [The final one]

The last day of Portugal Plog has arrived. It is day seven of eight and this is our last day that we can actually DO something in Portugal. Tomorrow we’re flying home to The Netherlands… this will be in the morning so we have no time left really but to have breakfast and head to the airport after wards.

Our day started like any other: we had amazing breakfast and played a nice game of tennis, of which I finally won one! Yeah me! After refreshing ourselves from working out, we headed to the Portuguese city Nazaré with the family. This town has an amazing view point which I highly recommend to people ever visiting Nazaré. It’s so gorgeous looking out on the sea from that high cliff.  We walked around for quite a bit there and made loads of pictures too.

Later on we head down to the sea, where the city centre is as well. There is a very popular and busy boulevard, mainly with souvenirs shops and restaurants to entertain the tourists. We checked it out, had an ice cream, which was delicious btw, and decided this was not our place to be.

The beach at Nazaré is quite large and there’s lots of stuff to do too, like beach volleyball and it has play grounds for the kids. Funny fact: I used to come here as a kid, but I totally forgot about those memories, but when I was on the boulevard I got some of those memories back. I can tell you that is one weird experience.

After Nazaré we went to a more quite beach nearby. The beach is in Salgado. We went there for a walk, but Rogier and I decided to stay here a little longer. We brought our beach stuff with us and enjoyed the last ‘Portuguese sun’ for an hour and a half. Swimming wasn’t possible because of two reasons. 1. The sea here is too dangerous and the waves way too big. 2. The temperature of the water is sooo cold haha.
Around six it was time to hit the road again, because we were going to finish our holiday together with the fam with a nice diner in Obidos. We went to Petrarum Domus Bar. It’s a very cosy and nice restaurants and one where I had amazing diner! I’ll write about Petrarum Domus Bar later on in a post about Obidos. It’s worth a little more attention.

Back home we had a few wines, eat our last pastel de nata and looked back on a fantastic week together. We’ve seen so many cities and beautiful places. But there is still so much left to see in this wonderful and fun country. I’ll definitely come back to Portugal, because I love it here and I’m not bored with it at all. So stay tuned, there’s so much more to discover. Thanks for keeping up with the plog, I hope you enjoyed it and had fun reading.IMG_9801IMG_9889


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