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Six European cities that are perfect for a city trip

So you are looking for a city trip in Europe; not too many days and not too expensive, but one which will bring you a lot of joy! I think these cities will be great for a weekend or three day get-a-way this summer. And no, they’re not your typical city trip destinations! 


I’m starting with a city I recently fell in love with, Ronda. This city in southern Spain is really a hidden gem when it comes to Spanish cities. Schedule:
Day 1: Enjoy this day by exploring the city. Have lunch on one of the city squares or with a view over the cliffs.
Day 2: Take the 15km hike that leads you around the city, at the bottom of the cliffs. The environment is so pretty, you’ll be busy all day with hiking and taking pictures all the way through.
Time needed: two days


This city is also pretty unknown. You know Luxembourg has a capital, but no clue what it looks like right? Well I can tell you; it’s pretty charming. For shoppers; there is quite a large shopping street. You can walk the city walls and hike up the cliffs that belong to the city centre.
Time needed: two days



This city in the south of France is very pretty. I’ve been here, I think, three times now and it never gets boring. Every time I went here I discovered new places. In almost the whole period of July there’s the Avignon Festival. Street performers, dances and music, so much fun!
Please keep in mind that it can get amazingly hot during the summer.
Time needed: 1,5 days


The Dutch city Utrecht should not be missed this summer. Rent a water-bike or canoe and peddle yourself through the ancient old canals. It’s less busy and big as Amsterdam, which will give your feet some chill time, since you don’t have to walk that far to see the whole city. Utrecht has cute lunch places and great parks for a pick nick. Climb the Dom Tower to get an amazing view of Utrecht
Time needed: one day


You need more colour in your life? Go to Wroclaw, or Poland in general. The cities of this country have so many houses painted in the brightest and fun colours. It’s really cool and brightens up your day. Go gnome hunting and rent a bike to see more of this lively city. You won’t be disappointed.
Time needed: two days


Hip, modern with a lot of culture? Yup, that’s Stockholm. Although this is a common city trip destination, it’s totally worth visiting. The Swedish city is one which will make you want to look extra fine. It seems everyone in Sweden is on top of the latest fashion! So shopping is heaven here. Scandinavia is bit pricier than the rest of Europe, but it’s so worth it. The old town has alleys, cobblestone streets and Italian looking houses. Very picturesque.
Time needed: 1-3 days

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  1. Makes me want to go to Europe right now. Such fun cities. I’d love to see more if possible?
    Greetings Jay

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