Portugal plog #3

The third day has arrived. Again we had some lovely breakfast and this time a short game of tennis before heading off to today’s destination. Our plan was to go to Sintra; a town with an incredible castle. The weather has been a little chilly the last two days and the third wasn’t better. We […]

Portugal plog #2

Day two! After a nice breakfast and game of tennis with the family, we headed off to Tomar: A nice old town with a huge monastery.  We decided to make an extra stop at the place called Fatima. This place is a famous pilgrimage. A beautiful modern (around 100 years old) church with beside it […]

Portugal plog #1

The last time in Portugal has been at least eight years, so I it was about time I returned to this nice and beautiful country. I decided I wanted to update you guys daily about our stay here, so you can expect a plog every day. So enjoy the photos with a cup of coffee […]

How to work out during your holiday?

Being healthy and getting fit is one of the most popular things of the last few years. So it’s getting common to also exercise during your holiday. Those zen-relaxing-and-doing-nothing-but-lying-on-your-sun-bed days are kind of over. I found myself checking out the possibilities of working out during a vacation too. Are there any good running lanes or […]

How to use Google Maps offline

Do you have trouble reading maps and finding your hotel just like me and do you really need Google Maps to lead you home, especially abroad?  I have the solution for you! Google Maps gives you the possibility to use their maps offline, so without any internet or WiFi needed. Don’t know how to do that? […]

The ultimate chocolate dream in Luxembourg

I already have your attention with the word chocolate right? Yeah I love it too. Well in Luxembourg City there actually is the Chocolate House with as much chocolate as you can imagine. Think about chocolate cake, cupcakes, pop cakes, bon bons, candy and the most flavours of chocolate milk I’ve ever seen.   Because […]

Review: Hostel Ruler, Belgrade

During our Balkan roadtrip we were usually going for campsites, but unfortunately there aren’t many as you travel more to the east. So when we arrived in Belgrade we couldn’t even find a campsite around. There just wasn’t one. So we were forced to sleep in a hostel. We don’t do hotels, because we are just […]

Make Slovenia your new holiday destination

Slovenia is one of Europe’s most underrated countries. This is quite sad, because the country holds a lot of beauties when it comes to nature and cities. Let me show you why Slovenia could be your next holiday destination! So if you read on it means you ARE actually interested in seeing new places or […]