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How to use Google Maps offline

Do you have trouble reading maps and finding your hotel just like me and do you really need Google Maps to lead you home, especially abroad?  I have the solution for you! Google Maps gives you the possibility to use their maps offline, so without any internet or WiFi needed. Don’t know how to do that? Read on dear!

And if you’re even more like me: not wanting to use internet abroad all the time, than this is really great. Do make sure you do all the following steps when you actually are in a WiFi zone or just using your own internet.

Step by step guide
Of course first of all you need to download the app op Google Maps and open it.
For instance: you need to know the road from the airport to a certain city to reach your rental home. Let say you need to go from Malaga Airport to lesser known Antequera in Andalusia, Spain.
1.Typ in your search area ‘Malaga’.  You will now see the coast line near Malaga and a piece of the inlands. Correct?
2.Zoom in to where, both Malaga and Antequera are visible on your phone screen. [see image].
Foto 23-05-16 20 50 49

3.Next you press on ‘Malaga, Malaga Spain’ in the bottom left side of your screen.
4.You will be forwarded to a page with some information and weather info about Malaga. But you will also see ‘Download’. Press that. [see image]

Foto 23-05-16 20 50 54



5. Your phone will ask you if you are really sure to download this. Make sure to again scale the map so that Antequera is also on it.

Press ‘download’. And your phone will make the area you selected, offline available. You can rename it the way you want it.
And you’re done!

Foto 23-05-16 20 51 08


How to find your offline maps when on destination?
1.Open Google Maps app on your phone.
2.Press the three horizontal lines in the upper left side. [see image]
3.Select: ‘offline areas’
Et voila!

If you’d like to test if it actually worked correctly, try the route from your two points of interest while being offline.
Please note that the function is only available for car funtion. So it will work for you while walking, but your app will take the car route.

Foto 23-05-16 21 00 11Please let me know if this was helpful for you. Good luck with never being lost again. 😉

I'd love to hear from you.

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