Portugal plog #5

Goodmorning! Today is going to be a loooongg day for us, because we’re going to Lisbon!!
It is going to be the first time for Rogier visiting this city and for me it’s going to be the third. Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been in this city so many times! Pretty awesome to be honest. 

From Obidos, where we are staying, a bus goes to Lisbon quite frequently.  We took the bus at 8:30 and one hour later we were in the capital of Portugal. It is going to be an amazingly hot day (33 degrees Celsius) and early in the morning the temperature was nice already. Our bus stopped at station Campo Grande and from there we took the metro to the city centre. Rossio was our stop.

First we went to Carmo Convent. It’s a medieval church, without a roof. This roof has been damaged in a severe earthquake in 1755. You can still see cracks in the church walls this day. The church itself is not that big, but it is impressive. It feels like you’re in the grand hall of Hogwarts. The one where you can see the sky instead of a roof, well this is the same, but then with sunshine. I don’t believe you’ll ever see many stars in a city with halve a million inhabitants and 2, 5 million people surrounding the area of Lisbon. There will just be too much light pollution. None the less you can still imagine how cool it must look if you could see stars through this roof.

Next we went to the famous elevator ‘Elevador de Santa Justa’ made by Raul Mesnier de Ponsard. Rogier is afraid of heights, so it wasn’t much fun for him, but he enjoyed the view anyway.
After the lift we went to the harbour side. We had a drink in the sun and enjoyed the ferries passing by.

After Rossio we went to the part of town called Bairro Alto, where we visited more churches and an amazing foodhall: Time Out Market. So many stalls with whatever kind of food you’re in to. I’ll write a separate blog about Time Out Market later on … also about Lisbon. All I can give away now is that the food was so good! Oh my!

Our last stop of the day was Belém; A very hip and cool part of the city.  We went here with the famous yellow tram. It can be very crowded in those little trams. We walked around a bit in this part, shopped a little and had diner. A tip for one day travellers like us: check the time table of your transport, because around eight in the evening they hardly drive constantly. Due to this we had to take the bus home around ten in the evening … later than we expected to go home. Completely tired of walking more than 17km this day we went home. Back home we almost immediately fell asleep.

Like I mentioned before I will write a separate post about Lisbon and Time Out Market later on. I think they deserve a little more attention. In those posts I’ll tell you the ins and outs of the different places. Thanks for now Lisboa, Lisbon. You were great!

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  1. Mooi verhaal weer Merlin! Leuke gezellige herinneringen aan Lissabon. Weet je nog dat we lang in de rij hebben gestaan bij H&M?

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